About us

We are a family owned company, the founder and owner of Lily Wings is Shana Johnson. Shana is a Marine wife, her husband is currently an active in the USMC of 19 years now. Shana has been in the fashion industry for over 20 years now. She loved being stationed out in California with the wonderful weather and all the shopping you wanted, so when they picked up and got stationed in North Carolina it was a shock to her. The closest place to do any real shopping was over an hour away and anyplace like California shopping was over 4 hours away. So she took her back ground in fashion, retail, business and opened Lily Wings in 2012 out of North Carolina. Starting out in doing small events traveling with her boutique. Being on a Military single family budget she new she didn't want to make fashion so out of reach for people to purchase, but still wanted the fashion you see in magazines. This is why her prices are so reasonable is she knows how to keep her overhead down to keep fashion at Lily Wings so affordable.  Now she has a store in Granbury, TX and of course our wonderful online store!