So more about me & How it all began..

January 07, 2017 Shana Johnson

So my name is Shana Marie. I am a devoted marine wife, we are just about to hit 20 years and transition out of the Marine Corps. I know there are a lot of families out there that have done this already so I know that I can not be the only one this scares the poop out of! What are we going to do?!?!

So I started up Lily Wings (Formally known as Essential at 7) Boutique back in 2012 when we were stationed at New River Air Station in NC. If you were there when we were there was no place to shop and the mall was super small. I walked it in less then 10 min ladies! So I took my knowledge in retail and fashion started Lily Wings out of my home! I turned my dinning room area in a mini office/shop!


I know not to impressive right! We were on a single Military income and I did not have a lot to work with on top we have 3 kids as well! At this time I have two toddlers and our oldest was in 2nd grade! Let me tell you now for anyone out there thinking this is easy, its not! It is a LOT of time and money that goes into it  but I was determined. So with my sister in law also a Military wife who was also stationed in NC, she helped me do a lot of vendor events to get my name out there. 

I have a TON of pictures that we did from different events just to get my name out there and try to make some money to expand. Everything that I made was going right back into the store to get it going. 

In 2014 we get orders to Texas so we can do our "Twilight" tour and finish our last 3 years here and transition out. We bought our home off line without ever looking at it because we were still in NC when we started looking! Lucky I had family out here who were my eyes and would go look at all the homes for us giving us there red or green light! I came out to Texas with my little babies as my husband stayed in NC to let our oldest finish out the school year and I can get our home all set up and ready for the moving trucks. Where was my store going with me of course! I am from Arlington, TX and my family was all living there at the time so what better place to put my store! My mother had a store herself she was doing on the side of home decor and rented a space from a place called Gracie Lane. It is like a mini mall in a since, it is one big store that has a bunch of little stores like me renting out a space. I needed to step up my game and make my place stand out in here now! It was like a 24/7 vendor event that I didn't have to be there to man, it was perfect place to start.. Also meant more money but felt I had to start somewhere so up it went!


My son is calling me to go spend some time with him since the girls are out. Keep following and I will keep sharing! 




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