Do we move?

January 10, 2017 Shana Johnson

Good afternoon to everyone! I hope that your Tuesday is starting off great & things are going well. This morning I work up and surly did not wanna get out of bed, I had changed the sheets yesterday and something about crisp fresh sheets are just amazing! So as I forced myself to get up because I have 3 kids to get up and off to school, its the same morning routine here lately. I use to wake up when my husband did to make him breakfast, yes I am talking bacon, eggs, toast and OJ sometimes fresh cut up fruit if we had some in the house. Then would make his lunch and a to go coffee for him, but after my last heart surgery I haven't got myself back into that routine. Yes I am young & have already had 4 heart surgeries, that is another story.

So I get my son up who is 6 years old and I am not sure what it is about 6 year old boys or if it is just mine but clothes mostly jeans feel funny to him, so its a struggle to get him to get dressed. As for my 7 year old girl she always asks me to pick out her clothes, but never wears what I pick out! As they are getting dressed I am making their lunches, getting their bags ready and filling up water bottles. I honestly don't have time to really think about anything other then my routine to make sure I don't miss anything before the bus gets here and they have to go. My kids love to ride the bus! 

After they get out I look at my calendar to see if there are any appointments on there. I see that I have a meeting this morning for business owners on the square. We meet once a month at the same place at 8:30 in the morning. I like going because I do like to mingle and know what is going on with the square so I can stay on top of things and in the loop. This morning though I just didn't want to move, I had 0 (zero) motivation. I turned on the Bachelor since I didn't get a chance to watch it last night. I looked out my window and saw how amazing the morning sky was thinking man God paints such pretty sky's. My teenager came in while I was watching the Bachelor and made me laugh, this was all I needed was her getting into another one of my shows. I only have a few but she gets hooked on them & doesn't want me to watch them without her then!  

SO craziest thing! I started to try and write this blog at 11 am, y'all it is now 2 pm if that tells you anything. In August of 2016 we got a crazy hair and started to look at homes to move, maybe it was the military itch were so use to moving. Well we wanted more land without an HOA. I want chickens y'all and even thought right now we have a little over an acre we cant have any kind of livestock. So we found a house in Tolar smaller home but nice land. We were going back and forth on the price when someone came in with full cash offer & they took it! So we started to look again. Found an amazing home in Glen Rose little further out then what we wanted to be but the place was amazing! We put an offer in full asking price and again got bumped out by another full price cash offer! So we said OK not meant to move we give up! Well then the Tolar house called their cash offer backed out & wanted to know if we still wanted it. We didn't at the price they were wanting so said we would pass for now. Then the Glen Rose house called the same day we found out I had to have heart surgery again! Their cash offer backed out, come to find out the cash offer was the same on both homes haha! My husband swore someone was house stalking us haha! I knew with me going into heart surgery and my husband unsure about what his next career would be, that maybe it wasn't the right time so as much as I LOVED that house we passed. Well today January 10th the Tolar house reached out again. They took their house off the market again over the holidays and was going to relist it but wanted to offer it to us first without realtor fees. SO I have been on the phone all day long not liked I had planned haha. What is the going APR now? How much could we sale our house for? Do we want to downsize our house because the Square footage is smaller but then gain acres without having to worry about an HOA? Oh the area is gorgeous too we wouldn't have to worry about people not taking care of their property its a small cul-de-sac street everyone has a large lot 10 plus acres each etc. I did the math on it all we would essentially be keeping the same house payment though were paying more for the home we would make more off our home so could put more down. Oh what so we do? haha! I am going out on a date night with my husband tonight so I am sure this will be the topic of conversation. I was just thinking about wanting to move this morning too oh wow God was in my head.

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