Lily Wings emerges

January 09, 2017 Shana Johnson

Do you ever feel there isn't enough time in the day? I think we all deal with that issue & if you are one of the few that don't, you have everything in order and time isn't an issue, well then hun you need more to do haha! I am only kidding!

To get back to how Lily Wings became about. So after our time in Gracie Lane in Arlington and we were living in Granbury the drive was killing me to drive 45 minutes to an hour just to go fluff my store or put some new merchandise in. I wanted my store to be closer to home so started looking in Granbury. The only issue is it is a very small town that is big on tourism, only issue it was nearly impossible to get onto the square. My husband and I would walk into stores asking is there was anyway I could rent even the smallest of place! I wouldn't let rejection defeat me! Then the day came that I walked into St. Helen's on Granbury square, I know God had to have had his hand in this plan because the ladies there had nothing but not so good experience with renting out spaces and they had this amazing empty space that was breathtaking above their store. I took the chance and asked, we got to talking and they gave me a chance! So thought I was still in the red from opening Gracie Lane I new I had to take this chance. 

I am SO thankful that my husband is handy and made my cash wrap area! I also went to anyplace I could to grab what I could to help make this into a store and not go so far in the red that I couldn't pull out. 

As you can see I had to be careful on how I hung things I couldn't just nail into a wall that had old wood & concrete this is a building that was put up in the 1800's. I had to still respect the building so thinking outside of the box was a must! 

Grand opening was 02/07/15

I changed the name to Lily Wings because it was a fresh new start also I didn't have to worry about a few things. People trying to spell Essential, asking for Essential oils, and it was just easy and simple! Each year more and more people are starting to know we are there and we give a lot back to our community! We love Granbury its a fun exciting town with a lot always going on! 

So after a few months in Granbury we closed down the store in Arlington. We are now almost 2 years into our store! They say that most businesses fail within the first year. That can be very true because as an owner you don't get paid, you put in long hard hours or at least I do. I keep my overhead low so I can keep cost down and turn around and not have to have a hefty price tag.

I will say though after being in business for almost 2 years I do want more & a bigger store but I think that will all happen in time if its Gods will and I know it will have to be off the square if I do that & that makes me so nervous! For now its planning my husband retirement/ military transitioning! I will keep y'all posted.

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