Hire another ME?

February 06, 2017 Shana Johnson

Have you ever wanted to put out an add that said;

Position: Another ME

Full time, some over time

Description / job duties;

Cooking, cleaning, laundry, working retail store, merchandising, payroll, accounts payable, & accounts receivable for both personal & business, Buyer for store, training manager, caretaker, sometimes nurse, Advertising specialist, Gardner, Party planner, sales person, fundraising, taxi, inventory, packaging & supplies, crafty, organizer, manage online store, social & more.

Must be able to;

 Take care of 3 kids & sometimes 1 big one, Take care of 2 dags& 1 adopted outside cat, be familiar with quickbooks, know taxes & codes, have a green thumb, good under pressure & able to meet deadlines, must have a valid drivers license with a reliable vehicle, must be organized, multi task, set appointments, attend meetings, handle social events, handle banking, set up meetings, be creative, be able to do craft projects, Internet savvy, can lift at least 50 lbs at times, failure with loss prevention, handle multiple loads of laundry daily, can cook healthy meals & a good baker, plan & host events, time management a must, get 1 child to Gymnastics 3x's a week plus competitions, 1 child to baseball practice 2x's a week plus games, 1 child to church every Wednesday plus theater once a week, take kids to doctor apt and eye apt, plus and specialty apts, quickly maneuver through a market for 2 weeks worth of food, auto maintenance, etc. 


You get my drift.. I know SO many mom's out there with me would get it when I say life would be so much easier with a second you! Then add all that on top of taking some classes! Hello life I cant get sick ever, oh you have a different plan for me I see.. 

Oh and ....

Pay; Very little but the filling of reward 


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